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About Our History

Slappendel Greenhouses started out in 1967 as a fruit farm with two greenhouses, growing cut chrysanthemums and some potted plants. We soon added more greenhouses and started growing a variety of foliage hanging baskets and seasonal flowering plants. As we grew in the potted plants we did less and less fruit until we switched totally to the greenhouses.

Today we supply many wholesalers and the auction in Mississauga. Our product is shipped throughout Ontario and eastern Canada as well as a large part of the eastern US.


About Our Website

This web page is going to be an ongoing work in progress. We would like it to be a source of information for all our customers; about the varieties of plants we grow, and how to care for them.

We will start with general information and eventually update the care instructions into more specific care for varieties including light levels and watering habits and special care for increase flowering and new growth.

In the future we would like to add a section on tips for transplanting into larger pots, possibly in a blog or an additional pages. The more we work on this web site the more ideas our customers can come up with, the more we grow!

We love to get feedback from our customers but at certain times of the year we may be too busy to respond quickly, however we will try to set up a way to respond in a timely manor to your questions. But keep it coming because we understand that your questions and feedback will give us the direction we need to improve our product and services!   Thank you to all of our customers!

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